Automotive Vents, Vapor Membranes

Vapor Membranes

Automotive Vents

When internal and external pressures are not equalized, this can prevent housings from successfully performing their intended purposes. Rapid change in temperature, altitude and internal gas accumulation can lead to housing cracks, leaks, and distort the housing in a way that will eventually allow water and contaminants to enter. In such an environment device failure is inevitable.

To protect your critical components from harsh operating conditions employ our Vapor Membranes to equalize pressure and prevent contamination. Sealed venting of enclosures protects and maintains the integrity of the device. Protective vents combined with an adhesive backing specific for your application is one way to allow our technology to meet your needs. Whether it is a headlight, tail light, or emergency light bar, we have the right solutions for you.

Fundamental Applications include the following:
Exterior lights
Control Units
Emergency Lightbar Control Units Motor Transmission

Our line of Vapor Membranes make the perfect solution for barometric pressure sensor needs and other electronic control units. Our Vapor Membranes, made of an oleophobic material are great for applications that require a continuous exchange of gases between the internal and external environments, while preventing liquids and contaminants from entering. Hydrophobic versions are available as well.