Loctite Cyanoacrylates

Loctite Cyanoacylates Technology from Henkel Corporation has made the productivity promises of cyanoacrylate adhesives (instant adhesives) a reality with the industry’s widest selection of high-performance, application-specific, instant adhesives. Loctite® instant adhesives are available in a variety of viscosities, cure speeds, gap-filling capabilities, and substrate compatibilities.

The ultra high performance Loctite® Prism® family offers additional products that surpass the most stringent demands, including toughened formulations, low odor and low blooming products, and thermally resistant formulations.

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Loctite Variety Type Notes
401 PRISM INSTANT ADHESIVE Medium Viscosity Designed for the assembly of difficult-to-bond materials which require uniform stress distribution. Particularly suited for bonding a wide range materials, including metals, plastics, and elastomers. Also formulated for faster cure speeds on dry or acidic surfaces and substrates.
406 PRISM INSTANT ADHESIVE Wicking Grade Designed for the bonding of plastics and electrometric materials where very fast fixturing is required.
431 PRISM INSTANT ADHESIVE High Viscosity For bonds that require greater gap fill. Bonds to a wide variety of substrates, including dry or acidic surfaces. Fixtures fast and stays fast throughout the life of the product.
454 PRISM INSTANT ADHESIVE Gel Designed for the assembly of difficult- to -bond materials which require uniform stress distribution. Particularly suited for bonding porous or absorbent materials. Also formulated for faster cure speeds on dry or acidic surfaces and substrates.


Loctite Variety Type Notes
403 PRISM INSTANT ADHESIVE High Viscosity Part of a family of low odor, low blooming, surface insensitive products designed to improve the work environment and to improve cosmetic appearance. Products now have faster fixture speeds on plastics and metals.
403 PRISM INSTANT ADHESIVE Gel Particularly suited for bonding porous or absorbent substrates where low odor and/or non-blooming properties are required.


Loctite Variety Type Notes
380 BLACK MAX INSTANT ADHESIVE   The original elastomer-modified instant adhesive. Bonds metal, rubber, and plastic. Excellent peel, impact and shear strength.
411 PRISM INSTANT ADHESIVE Clear An adhesive formulated for excellent impact and peel strength in gap-filling applications.
426 PRISM INSTANT ADHESIVE Gel Designed for porous surfaces and vertical or overhead application with the added benefits provided by an elastomer-modified instant adhesive.
435 PRISM INSTANT ADHESIVE Surface Insensitive The first true clear, surface insensitive, elastomer-modified instant adhesive. Faster fixture times over traditional toughened adhesives with exceptional bond and peel strength on metals, plastics, and rubbers.


Loctite Variety Type Notes
4204 PRISM INSTANT ADHESIVE   Clear, toughened, thermally resistant instant adhesive. Excellent hot strength and heat aging properties up to 250°F.


Loctite Variety Notes
4306/4307 FLASHCURE LIGHT CURE ADHESIVES Low or high viscosity fluorescent adhesives that achieve tack- free cures in less than 5 seconds. Surface versatile with shadow cure capability.


Loctite Variety Notes
4851/4861 PRISM INSTANT ADHESIVES A medium and high viscosity instant adhesive for the assembly of flexible components.


Loctite Variety Notes
404 QUICK SET INSTANT ADHESIVE For general maintenance and repair. Excellent for rubber bonding.
444 TAK PAK INSTANT ADHESIVE An adhesive designed for printed circuit board assembly and repair. Cures instantly with Loctite® 712 or 7452 Tak Pak® Accelerator.
495 SUPER BONDER INSTANT ADHESIVE Designed to bond rubber, metal, and plastic parts with gaps to 0.004".
498 SUPER BONDER INSTANT ADHESIVE Thermal Cycling Resistant
A medium viscosity, high temperature product for all metals, and most plastics and rubbers. Resists temperatures to 180°F continuous or up to 250°F intermittent.