Extrusion Limits of O-Rings

Extrusion Limits

Extrusion Limits of O-Rings & Clearance Gaps

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An o-ring is contained in a gland and forced to flow into the surface imperfections of the glands and any clearance gaps available to it. An o-ring can perform sealing by means of squeeze under low pressure conditions. The extent of extrusion depends upon the hardness of O-ring, the pressure, and the size of the clearance gap.

Extrusion Diagram

extrusion limits chart

Limits of Diametral Clearance Against Fluid Pressure

Shore A
Pressure (PSI)
Below 500 500-1000 1000-1500 1500-2000 2000-3000
70 0.016 0.010 0.006 0.004 0.002
90 0.028 0.024 0.020 0.016 0.010