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INERTEX® SQ-S Gasket Sheets

Inertex® SQ-S Gasket Sheet [PDF]

INERTEX SQ-S Gasket SheetsINERTEX® SQ-S Gasket Sheet is the world's first 100% Expanded PTFE sheet in a true 60"x60" format, and now is also available in 77"x77" size (SQ-S "H" Huge Sheet.) Independent laboratory tests have revealed that SQ-S is one of the tightest gasket materials available to the market.

The INERTEX® SQ-S "V" Rigid Gasket Sheet brings an improved rigidity to the SQ-S Gasket Sheet while maintaining the excellent sealing characteristics of SQ-S. It is designed for difficult installation conditions when rigidity is an important factor.
The INERTEX® family of gasket sheets are produced by a proprietary expansion process which generates a highly fibrillated microstructure with nearly equal tensile strength in every direction (ISOTROPIC.) This unique structure maximizes performance predictability and stability while minimizing creep and cold flow. Whatever your application, INERTEX® SQ-S Sheet Gasketing is setting the new standard in providing the user with the tightest, most leak-free gasket possible.

Product Benefits:

  • Strong and tough, capable of withstanding 40,000 psi stress without affecting seal ability
  • One of the tightest gasket materials in the world. An ultimate solution to the EPA issues
  • Unlimited shelf time. No aging, and unaffected by UV, ozone and corona
  • Easily hand or die cut. Easily removable from flange surfaces after use
  • Largest expanded PTFE sheets in the world (SQ-S "H",) suitable for large diameter flanges w/out segmenting & improving yield of gasket cutting
  • Engineered to replace all filled PTFE sheets in various colors reducing gasket inventories
  • Far exceeding the requirements of SEMASPEC 92010934B-STD for semiconductor uses
  • Excellent choice for handling ultra-pure water for biotech and pharmaceutical industry
  • Soft and compressible, suitable for FRP, porcelain, plastic and glass-lined piping vessels


UHF Joint Sealant [PDF]

Photo of Joint SealantINERTEX® UHF Joint Sealant looks and feels different from other Joint Sealant products. It is smooth and flexible with an exceptionally uniform texture and density. Under the surface is a microscopic structure that makes this remarkable material the strongest, most versatile sealant available today. It is manufactured by a patented process that produces a Uniform and highly fibrillated microstructure. It is a FDA suitable and comes with a full paper covered self-adhesive backing that makes installation simple.

Product Benefits:

  • Soft and compressible under low bolt laods. Excellent for use on plastic, FRP, odd-shaped, and large flanges
  • Excellent for use on damaged or imperfect surfaces. Can also be used on worn or used metal gaskets
  • Self-aligning. Simple to use
  • Contains no silicones and is suitable for paint booth applications


UHF Gasket Tape [PDF]

gasket tapeThe INERTEX® UHF Gasket Tapes are manufactured by a patented process that produces a uniform and highly fibrillated microstructure with thousands of small fibers running in many directions. It is FDA suitable and comes with a full paper covered self-adhesive backing that makes installation simple.

Product Benefits:

  • Soft and compressible under low bolt loads. Excellent for use on glass-line, plastic, and FRP plastic flanges
  • Suitable for use on odd-shaped flanges
  • Suitable for use on an insulating tape
  • Eliminates the need for etched PTFE
  • Wider widths useful for volume cutting of gaskets and wide contact sufaces
  • Easy to use. Simple to install
  • Contains no silicones and is suitable for paint booth applications


OPRA Reduced Area Gaskets [PDF]


INERTEX® OPRA stands for One Piece Reduced Area. The OPRA gasket designs have been developed in response to the use limitations and high cost of other low torque composite gaskets. OPRA gaskets will have broad opportunity for sealing plastic and thin flat face metal vessel flanges where other PTFE based gaskets require excessive assembly bolt loads. The OPRA has been patented which covers the unique approach of dramatically reducing the contact area of gaskets intended for low bolt sealing applications including FRP, PVC piping and vessels. The reduced gasket area results in a proportionate reduction in the bolt load (torque) necessary to effect and maintain a seal. 


Product Benefits:

  • Seals at low bolt loads
  • Maintains tight seal even with varying flange conditions
  • Conforms to irregular surfaces
  • Protects the flanges from cracking
  • Priced lower than other low bolt load gaskets on the market
  • High blowout and creep resistance


Inermet Insertable Gaskets [PDF]


INERTEX® INERMET Insertable Gaskets are made with a corrugated metal insert. The typical sheet thickness is 1/16" (1mm also available,) and the typical metal used is 24 gauge 316L stainless steel. Through the enhanced resilience of the gasket by incorporating the corrugated metal insert, the design (see below) is aimed at improving sealing performance for applications involving thermal cycling effects and at low compressive loads. It also provides high blow-out resistance.

Product Benefits:

  • Enhanced sealing performance at lower compressive stresses
  • Enhanced sealing performance and mechanical stability for applications involving thermal cycling
  • Improved blow-out resistance
  • Improved rigidity for difficult installation conditions
  • Standard ANSI/ASME sizes available. Custom sizes and styles also available for applications such as heat exchangers