Loctite® Lubricants

Loctite® Lubricants

Loctite Lubricants Loctite® lubricants offer superior protection for industrial equipment. When choosing a lubricant, it is important to consider the intended application as well as the environment of the application.

The typical function of a lubricant is to protect against friction and wear; however, in an industrial environment, there are other factors working against the product, including high temperature, harsh chemicals, and contaminants.

Lubricants are also used to protect against corrosion by displacing moisture and leaving a film on the part.

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Loctite Variety Notes
VIPERLUBE HIGH PERFORMANCE SYNTHETIC GREASE NLGI grade 2/severe duty GC-LB grease provides superior protection for equipment exposed to a wide range of operating temperatures and environments. Use as a lubricant and protective anti-rust film on bearings, machine parts, equipment, or as a release agent on gaskets and seals. NSF H1 rated for incidental food contact.
VIPERLUBE CLEAR HIGH PERFORMANCE SYNTHETIC GREASE Lasts four times longer than petroleum-based lubricants. Withstands temperatures up to 420°F (520°F intermittent). Contains PTFE for added protection against friction and wear. Non- flammable. Contains no ozone –depleting compounds. NLGI #2 grade grease. Opaque white in color.


Loctite Variety Notes
KRYTOX RFE PFPE LUBRICANT This grease lubricant has excellent lubrication properties over a broad temperature range, will not cause cracking or swelling, and contains a corrosion inhibitor to protect against undue wear. Eliminates sticking and aids in disassembly. Non- flammable, chemically inert. Compatible with chlorine. See product description sheet for test results.
KRYTOX RFE PFPE HIGH PERFORMANCE LUBRICANT Specially - formulated, synthetic grease designed to provide long - lasting lubrication for all types of moving and/or sliding parts. This lubricant provides corrosion protection and wear resistance over a broad temperature range.
KRYTOX RFE ADVANCED PTFE DRY LUBRICANT A high performance, synthetic lubricant designed to provide longlasting lubrication for parts that require a dry, thin lubricating film. This lubricant provides excellent lubrication properties over a broad temperature range, and dries to the touch in 60 seconds. It is non-oily, non-staining, non-migrating, and won't attract dirt or dust.
GEAR, CHAIN AND CABLE LUBRICANT Protects and prolongs the life of gears, chains, wire rope, and cable. Repels dirt, sand, and dust with minimal "throw-off" from centrifugal force. Contains no ozone-depleting compounds.
SILICONE LUBRICANT Multipurpose lubricant stops sticking, friction, squeaking, and binding of moving parts. Non-gumming. Will not mar paint, rubber, or plastic surfaces. Waterproofs and electrically insulates. CFIA approved.
MOLY DRY FILM LUBRICANT Solid film lubricant for sliding surfaces and slow moving parts. Temperature resistant up to 750°F (400°C) as a dry film lubricant, 2400°F (1315°C) as an anti-seize. Won’t squeeze out, burn off, or pick up dirt.
SOLVO-RUST SUPER PENETRATING OIL Frees rusted parts and keeps them lubricated and protected from rust after use. May be applied on or near moving parts. Will not harm painted surfaces. Contains no ozone-depleting compounds. CFIA approved.
C-200 HIGH TEMPERATURE SOLID FILM LUBRICANT Solid film protection for engine parts, bearings, and servo-mechanisms. Temperature resistant up to 750°F (400°C) as a dry film lubricant, 2400°F (1315°C) as an anti-seize.
PENETRATING OIL Penetrates, lubricates, and displaces moisture. Protects against rust and corrosion. Contains no ozone-depleting compounds.


Loctite Variety Notes
WHITE LITHIUM GREASE General-purpose lubricating paste for metal- to-metal and metal- toplastic applications. Provides corrosion protection. Contains no ozone-depleting compounds.
DIELECTRIC GREASE Provides a moisture-proof barrier that lubricates and protects electrical equipment from salt, dirt, and corrosion. High dielectric strength. Good thermal, oxidation, and chemical stability.
EXTREME PRESSURE GREASE Lubricates gears, bearings, and slides up to 450°F (232°C). NLGI #1 rated. Withstands extremes of pressure, resists water washout. Maintains pumpability at low temperatures; will not take a hard set after cooling.
HYDRAULIC JACK OIL Non-corrosive oil improves lubrication in all types of hydraulic units (except hydraulic brakes). Contains antioxidant, anti-rust, and anti-wear additives.
FOOD GRADE GREASE Extreme pressure grease with temperature resistance to 450°F (232°C). NLGI #2 rated. Protects after flushouts and steam cleaning. NSF H1 rated for incidental food contact. CFIA approved.
MAINTAIN LUBRICANT PENETRANT Moisture Displacer & Rust Preventer.
Spray-on rust preventative for all metal parts. Unfreezes rusted parts, displaces and seals out moisture. For use on steel, aluminum, brass, copper, magnesium, and other metals and alloys. Contains no ozone-depleting compounds. CFIA approved.