Metallic Gaskets, Spiralwound, Ring Type, Kammprofile, Corrugated

Metallic Gaskets

metallic seals

Metallic Gaskets are used for sealing higher temperature and pressure applications, where non-asbestos materials will fail. Typical applications are for heat exchangers, compressors, condensers, pumps, and valves.

SPIRALWOUND      Spiral Wound Gaskets     Spiral Wound Torque Charts     Heat Exchanger Gaskets
Made by winding alternating strips of metal and soft filler material, such as flexible graphite or PTFE. Ideal for standard flanges, heat exchangers, boiler handholes, manholes and other high temperature, high pressure applications. This style has many variations and can be made from many different metals and may have an inner ring, outer ring, or both depending on application.

METAL JACKETED      Metal Jacketed Gaskets
Metal Jacketed Gaskets, as the name suggests, consist of a metallic outer shell with either metallic or non-metallic compressed fiber filler. The filler material gives the gasket resilience, while the metal jacket protects the filler and resists pressures, temperatures, and corrosion.

RING TYPE JOINT (RTJ)     Ring Type Joints
Available in both oval and octagonal configurations, ring type joints perform well in high-pressure, high-temperature applications such as oil field drilling equipment. Standard ring type joints are manufactured to meet both API 6A and ASME B16.20 sizes and ratings.

This style is composed of a grooved metal core with a layer of graphite or other composition sheet material on both sides. They are ideal for standard pipeline and heat exchanger applications.

This type can be furnished in several metals with various pitch grooves. It is designed for low to medium pressure applications on machined flanges.