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O-Ring Kits

O-Ring Kit

O-Ring kits consist of a series of o-ring sizes, assembled into one assortment kit for one low price.

Several series of kits are available, in metric, standard and Japanese sizes and come in a variety of compounds.

O-Ring kits are convenient, and provide a way to find the exact fit for each of your applications.

Many kits are in stock, for same day shipment.

Please contact us for a quote.

Available Kits
Metric Kit JIS O-Ring Kit & Splicing Kit Kit 1/8
Metric Kit A Kit 2mm 70 Kit 1/16
Metric Kit B Kit 2mm 90 Kit 3/16
Metric Kit C Kit 3mm 70 Kit 3/32
Metric Kit D Kit BN 70  
Metric Kit G Kit Q 70  
Metric Kit H    
Metric Kit S