Loctite Retaining Compounds

Loctite® Retaining Compounds

Loctite Retaining Henkel Corporation has applied their pioneered anaerobic technology to develop retaining compounds that increase the shear strength of cylindrical, non-threaded assemblies. Marketed under the brand name Loctite®, these compounds have gained wide acceptance as a standard method for assembling press and slip-fitted parts. Loctite® retaining compounds fill the "inner space" between components and cure to form a strong precision assembly.

Formulated in a variety of viscosities, gap fills, flexibility, and strength characteristics, Loctite® retaining compounds can be applied with automated process equipment or dispensed manually.

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Loctite Variety Notes
QUICKSTIX 668 RETAINING COMPOUND A high temperature retaining compound in a revolutionary semi-solid formula. Patented, no-mess package offers added convenience and portability. Ideal for gaps up to 0.005" on the diameter. Withstands temperatures to 400°F (204°C).


Loctite Variety Formulated for Notes
232 RETAINING COMPOUND Heavy Press Fit / Medium Strength A medium viscosity, medium strength retaining compound with a slow cure and lubricity for highly torqued threaded assemblies and heavy press fits.
603 RETAINING COMPOUND Press Fit / Oil Tolerant A retaining compound tolerant of oil and other contamination. Seals and secures cylindrical assemblies up to 0.005" diametral clearance. Fixtures in 10 minutes. Prevents fretting and corrosion of metal assemblies.
609 RETAINING COMPOUND Press Fit / General Purpose A low viscosity retaining compound that bonds rigid metal assemblies. Ideal for gap distances up to 0.005" diametral. Fixtures in 10 minutes and provides a shear strength of 3,000 psi after 24 hours. Easily joins dissimilar metals. Withstands temperatures to 300°F.
648 RETAINING COMPOUND Press Fit / High Strength / Rapid Cure A retaining compound recommended for continuous working temperatures up to 300°F. Fills gaps up to 0.006" diametral clearance. Fixtures in 5 minutes.


Loctite Variety Formulated for Notes
620 RETAINING COMPOUND Slip Fit / High Temperature A high temperature (450°F), high viscosity liquid retaining compound. Provides a shear strength of over 3,800 psi on steel. Locks and secures metal cylindrical assemblies up to 0.015" diametral clearance. Prevents metal fretting and corrosion. Seals against leakage.


Loctite Variety Formulated for Notes
635 RETAINING COMPOUND Slip Fit / High Strength / Slow Cure A high viscosity, high strength retaining compound with slow cure speed to permit readjustment of parts during assembly.
638 RETAINING COMPOUND Slip Fit / Maximum Strength A maximum strength retaining compound for use where high dynamic force or cyclic loading is expected. Locks cylindrical assemblies up to 0.010" diametral clearance. Fixtures in 5 minutes.
680 RETAINING COMPOUND Slip Fit / High Strength A high strength, high viscosity room-temperature-curing adhesive used to join fitted cylindrical parts. It fixtures in 10 minutes and provides a shear strength of 4,000 psi after 24 hours. Capable of filling diametral gaps up to 0.015" (0.27 mm). Loctite® 680™ allows relaxed machining tolerances and replaces clamp rings, set screws, and snap rings.


Loctite Variety Formulated for Notes
641 RETAINING COMPOUND Press & Slip Fit/ Controlled Strength A controlled strength retaining compound that is ideal for cylindrical parts that require disassembly. Recommended for maximum diametral clearance of 0.008";. Fixtures in 20 minutes.


Loctite Variety Formulated for Notes
660 QUICK METAL RETAINING COMPOUND Press Fit Repair A creamy, non-running gel that is applied onto cylindrical parts to fill surface imperfections and repair worn areas. It contains no metal, but once assembled hardens to a strength that often doubles that of a press fit. Use Loctite® 660™ to salvage worn metallic parts, or to keep machinery running until new parts arrive. Use to 300°F (149°C).