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General Characteristics

The name "perfluoroelastomer" is somewhat misleading. An actual perfluorinated material with a high molecular weight is polytetrafluoroethylene or PTFE which has the chemical formula "(CF2)n." The molecular carbon chain is shielded by the chemical inertness of the large bonded fluorine atoms.

Perfluoroelastomer is produced by the copolymerization of tetrafluoroethylene (TFE) and a perfluorinated ether, e.g. perfluoromethylvinylether (PMVE). The differing resistance to volume swell of the different perfluoroelastomers is due to the perfluorinated ether element, where the side-chain can consist of up to four perfluorinated carbon atoms. The extraordinary chemical resistance is partly due to the fluorine atoms shielding the carbon chain, and partially due to the vulcanization system.

AKAs: Kalrez, Chemraz, Simriz, Perlast, GPlast

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Temperature Properties

Heat Heat Resistance 450°F to 600°F (232°C to 316°C) depending on compound.
Cold Cold Flexibility Down to 0°F(-18°C) to -15°F(-26°C).


Chemical Resistance Chemical Resistance
  • Aliphatic and aromatic hydrocarbons
  • Chlorinated hydrocarbons
  • Polar solvents (acetone, methylethylketone, ethylacetate, diethylether, and dioxane)
  • Inorganic and organic acids
  • Water and steam
  • High vacuum with minimal loss in weight
Not compatible NOT compatible
  • Fluorinated refrigerants (R11, 12, 13, 113, 114, etc.)

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