SpectraSeal, Spring, Loaded, Energized - Seal and Design

Spring Loaded Seals (SpectraSeals)

Seal & Design offers a range of SpectraSeals spring loaded (or spring energized) seals. SpectraSeals are engineered plastic seals incorporating a metallic spring, which loads the seal lips against the mating hardware, creating a seal. The spring also allows the seal to follow minor eccentricity and compensates for seal lip wear in dynamic applications. SpectraSeals are normally used in single acting applications and should be oriented with the spring cavity toward the pressure side. Pressure from the media being sealed provides additional sealing force as it acts upon the sealing lips. The seal jacket is produced from a filled PTFE material or other plastic materials such as PEEK, UHMWPE, Acetal or Nylon.

SpectraSeal Sealing Principle

SpectraSeals are typically used in applications where conventional Elastomer seals are not acceptable due to application conditions such as:

- Media Compatibility - Temperature Extremes (-450°F to + 550°F)
- Friction Sensitive Applications - High Surface Speeds
- Dynamic Sealing of Abrasive or 
   Non-Lubricating Media
- High PV Rates (Pressure x Velocity)
        - Explosive Decompression

Application conditions determine seal material selection and seal lip style. In static or near static applications a soft
material such as unfilled PTFE is used for optimum sealability. In dynamic applications harder materials that have better
wear resistance are recommended. Different seal lip styles are offered to address specific applications and various media
that are sealed. This catalog will help you choose the correct seal design and materials to meet your specific application

For more information download the SpectraSeal PDF.