Thermal Insulator, TF1818, TF1867, TF1869, TF1870, TF400

Thermal Insulators

Thermal FabricsThermally Conductive Fabrics are fiberglass-reinforced ceramic filled silicone polymer sheets used to provide thermal transfer and electrical isolation where interface gaps are less than 20 mils and high torque aplication is required.

The fiberglass/ceramic-filled silicone compound construction provides excellent cut-thru resistance, high thermal transfer and effective electrical isolation. 

These materials are typically used in computer power supplies and amplifiers where the combination of cut-thru resistance and high thermal transfer provides a cost-effective solution.



Thermal Insulator Product Chart

Product Name Color Thickness (mils) Flame Rating
Vertical Burn
Thermal Conductivity
(W/m K)
ASTM E1530
Thermal Impedance
(°C in2/W)
ASTM E1530
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TF1818 Gray 18.0 VTM-0 1.0 0.71 TF1818 Spec Sheet
TF1867 Gray 7.5 VTM-0 0.90 0.31 TF1867 Spec Sheet
TF1869 Gray 9.0 VTM-1 0.90 0.90 TF1869 Spec Sheet
TF1870 Gray 7.0 V-0 1.20 0.29 TF1870 Spec Sheet
TF400 Gray 7.0 V-0 0.90 0.39 TF400 Spec Sheet