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Ultimate O-Ring Lube

Ultimate O-Ring Lube Ultimate O-Ring Lube Ultimate O-Ring Lube is a dimethylopolysiloxane silicone fluid use to improve lubricating characteristics of rubber under wide temperature (-65°F to 400°F) operating conditions. Dimethylpolylsiloxane polymers display an extraordinary combination of fluid properties. This compound possesses many characteristics suited for the personal and health care industries, as well as industrial applications.

Ultimate O-Ring Lube MSDS (PDF)

Ultimate O-Ring Lube Datasheet (PDF)

  • Nontoxic
  • High Viscosity Index
  • Essential nontoxic
  • Nonbioactive
  • Nonstinging to the skin Non clogging micron filters
  • Improves sealability in vacuum and high pressure systems
  • Moisture resistant - Compare to Parker Super O-Lube

Ultimate O-Ring Lube is a dimethylpolysiloxane possessing excellent physical properties of silicone fluids.

Typical Properties Typical Value
Color Clear
Viscosity 100,000 Centistokes (CST)
Acid Number Trace
Melt Point -23°C  (-9°F)
Pour Point -33°C  (-27°F)
Flash Point >326°C  (619°F)
Surface Tension @ 25°C N/A
Refractive Index, 25°C 1.4037
Coefficient of Expansion, cc/cc/C 0.000096
Dielectric Strength 375 Volts/mil
Volumer Resistivity @ 25C 1.0 x 1015

Container Size
Ultimate O-Ring lube is sold in 2oz tubes.

Shelf Life
36 months from the date of manufacture when stored in original container at 25°C (77°F)

Ultimate O-Ring Lube is not know to cause any harmful effects. Refer to the material safety data sheet for information.

Meets the requirements for FDA 175.300 Lubricants for Incidental Food Contact
Meets the requirements for Mil VV-D-1078