Viton, Gasket Material, A, B, F - Seal and Design

Viton® A  Gasket Material = 66% Flourine

Chemical Resistance = Good
Download the Viton® A Datasheet as PDF

General Properties
Offers a broad range of resistance to oils, fuels, lubricants and most mineral oils. Very good resistance to many aliphatic  hydrocarbon fluids that act as solvents for many other rubbers. Exceptionally good resistance even at temperatures that can stiffen other non-fluorinated elastomers. Viton® A is resistant to atmospheric oxidation, sun, weather, and has excellent resistance to fungus and mold.

Available Compounds:
Viton® A offers good fluid resistance at a very affordable price.
Viton® GLT Peroxide curable offering low temperature flexibility -40°C (-40°F).


Viton® B Gasket Material = 68% Flourine

Chemical Resistance = Better
Download the Viton® B Datasheet as PDF

General Properties
Viton® B has better resistance and retains flexibility better after dry heat aging than Viton® A. It is recommended with good mechanical properties. Viton® B is specified by the Fluid Sealing Association to resist sulfur dioxide in power generating factory systems. Viton® B offers superior resistance to both diluted and concentrated aggressive acids, and various mineral acids including: Sulfuric Acid, Nitric Acid, and Hydrochloric Acid.

Available Compounds:
Viton® B offers better overall fluid resistance than Viton A, with economical pricing.
Viton® GB Peroxide curable offering better a compression set.
Viton® GBLT Peroxide curable offering low temperature flexibility -40°C (-40°F).


Viton® F Gasket Material = 70% Fluorine

Chemical Resistance = Best
Download the Viton® F Datasheet as PDF

General Properties
The "F" family of Viton® was designed for today's oxyengated fuels, modern lubricants, and blended chemicals. As new chemicals and fuels are developed, new technology in Viton  has led to the development of the Viton® F family of sealing products. Viton® F offers excellent resistance to fluids that Viton® A and B types cannot adequately resist. Viton® F types are highly resistant to oxygenated fuels containing (MeOH, EtOH, MTBE), engine lubricants (SE-SF and SG-SH grades), aromatic hydrocarbon process fluids, chemicals and conentrated mineral acids.

Available Compounds:
Viton® B (with Bisphenol cure). Viton® F offers the best fluid resistance at a very affordable price.
Viton® GF Peroxide curable offering resistance to Aqueous Fluids: Water, Steam and Mineral Acids. (H2SO4, HNO3, HCL, etc.)
Viton® GFLT Peroxide Curable offering exceptional chemical resistance and maintains flexibility in low temperature applications -40°C (-40°F).