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Viton® O-Rings : Fluoroelastomers : Fluorocarbon Elastomer : FKM

Viton® (fluorocarbon rubber) has excellent resistance to high temperatures, ozone, oxygen, mineral oil, synthetic hydraulic fluids, fuels, aromatics and many organic solvents and chemicals making it a good choice for an o-ring material. Low temperature resistance is normally not favorable and for static applications is limited to approximately –15°F (–26°C) although in certain situations it is suitable down to –40°F (–40°C). Under dynamic conditions, the lowest service temperature is between 5°F and 0°F (–15°C and –18°C). Gas permeability is very low and similar to that of butyl rubber. Special fluorocarbon compounds exhibit an improved resistance to acids, fuels, water and steam.

Viton® O-Ring General Attributes
  • Excellent Heat resistance
  • Excellent resistance to oils
  • Low compression set
  • Good fuel resistance
  • Excellent ozone and weather resistance
Common Applications for Viton O-Rings
  • Engine Oil Seals
  • Fuel Systems
  • High Temperature Seals
  • Petrochemical Systems
Available Specifications Key Characteristics Avg. Temp
Commercial ASTM D2000 Available in black or brown. Excellent resistance to head and a wide range of chemicals. 5° to 446°F Viton O-Rings Commercial Datasheet
AMS7276 AMS 7276, M83248/1
Mil-R-83248 CL 1
Dwg AS3208, AS3209
Meets AMS7276. Excellent resistance to heat, engine oils and lubricants, ozone and weathering. Low compression set and good
fuel resistance.
-13° to 392°F Viton O-Rings AMS7276 Datasheet
AMS7259 AMS 7259, M83248/2
Mil-R-83248 CL 2
Dwg AS3581
Meets AMS7259. Similar to AMS 7276 above except in 90-durometer hardness. -13° to  392°F Viton O-Rings AMS7259 Datasheet
GLT Type
M84385/1, AMS-R-83485
Meets AMS-R-83485. Excellent heat resistance and low temperature performance.
GLT Type Viton.
-35° to  400°F Viton O-Rings
GLT Datasheet
GFLT Viton ASTM D2000 / SAE J200
M7HK 710 A1-10 B38
EF31 Z1 Z2 Z3
GFLT based FKM. Good for low temp with
improved chemical resistance. Listed for
fuel/alcohol applications.
-31° to 392°F Viton O-Rings GFLT Datasheet
FDA Viton ASTM D2000 / SAE J200
M2HK 710 A1-10 B37
B38 EF31 F15 Z
FDA, USDA, and NSF grades available. -4° to 392°F FDA Viton Datasheet
Viton Extreme (ETP)   Extreme chemical service. Strong bases and amines. Peroxide cured. -4° to 392°F Viton O-Rings Extreme Datasheet
Viton V71C   Low Temperature applications. Low compression set with good elongation properties. -60° to 437°F Viton O-Rings V71C Datasheet
Viton V91A   Low Temperature applications. Explosive decompression resistant. -51° to 437°F Viton O-Rings V91A Datasheet