SKF Wiper Seals, AN, H, SH, DS, MC, DX, DT, SC - Seal and Design

SKF Polyseal Wipers

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AN Qiper AN Wiper (959 series)
Series 959 (and 940) style wipers were originally developed as an improvement on the original Army/Navy (AN) style rod wiper that could fit into standard AN grooves. Today, this series is widely accepted throughout industry. This light duty, snap-in rod wiper will retrofit into glands prescribed in MS-33675 for corresponding dash numbers of MS-28776.
H Wiper H Wiper
These are one-piece snap-in type rod wipers designed for light duty applications. The U-cup portion of these wipers serves as a secondary safeguard against leakage past the primary rod seal. The only difference between the H Series and K Series wipers is that they do not retrofit each others grooves.
SH Wiper SH Wiper (press fit H wiper)
The SH series wiper is a press in  H style wiper for tough scraping environments. The metal retaining ring allows simple press fit assembly into the counter bore.
DS Wiper DS Wiper (vented D wiper)
The D wiper is considered to be a step up from the AN959 wiper and is ideal for large-diameter applications and more contaminated environments. The D Series wiper is used most often on rod diameters of 6-inches or larger. The DS Series wiper is the same as the D Series wiper but incorporates a slotted heel which eliminates back pressure.
MC Wiper MC Wiper (press fit wiper)
The MC series contains a Polyurethane element encased in a metal retainer. This design provides mechanical bonding as the element overlaps a portion of the retainer. A good chemical bond is also provided. The metal retaining ring is made from high quality steel of the proper wall thickness, which provides adequate hoop strength for the various diameters. The MC wiper is rigid enough to handle the toughest of scraping environments such as dry/wet mud and ice yet sensitive enough to exclude fine dust and moisture.
Dx Wiper DX Wiper (heavy duty D wiper)
The DX wiper is designed to retrofit a standard D Series wiper groove. The O-ring loaded wiper has proved to be much more effective than a D Series wiper in extreme temperature applications and applications with severe side deflections. Recent tests have proven that the DX Series is superior to other snap-in type wipers.
DT Wiper
DT Wiper (vented heavy duty D wiper)
This D series wiper is similar to the DS series wiper, but has the added dust lips to prevent contamination for entering the system from the static side.
Sc Wiper SC Wiper (press fit wiper)
The SC (Self Cleaning) wiper is a metal clad wiper that includes a specially designed lip that helps to keep mud, cement, and other similar substances from affixing and hardening in the wiper.