Siemens Bronze Award


Siemens Bronze Award

Able Seal & Design recently received the SIEMENS BRONZE AWARD. The award is given to Siemens suppliers in recognition of energy efficiency and maintaining high environmental standards. This is a result of actively committing to energy efficiency and waste reduction. Seal & Design was the only supplier to the Siemens Peterborough, Ontario location that received such an award.

Siemens Bronze Award

The assessment was conducted by SIEMENS AG. The results were based on the data provided by the client and covered the following scope:

  • Energy Management Check resulting from a basic and management questionnaire and a remote consistency check and suggestions.
  • Energy Efficiency check resulting from a basic and technical questionnaire and a following consistency check and suggestions.
  • Environment check based on an environmental questionnaire and a carbon footprint assessment

Congratulations everyone at Able Seal & Design!  We will continue to work hard to attain the highest standards of efficiency and environmental awareness while maintaining our customer satisfaction.

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