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A Closer Look At ArmaFlex® Ultra

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What is ArmaFlex® Ultra?

Insulation is a key material in the world we live, work and play in. Yet, as our world changes, it can be challenging for engineers, contractors, and distributors to remain aware of these evolving requirements. It is especially important that specifiers know which materials offer the safest choice. It’s not only a great choice for building but also intended for covering of the plastic on the outside of a housing unit for the battery packs in electric vehicles.

With ArmaFlex Ultra, insulation just got safer thanks to Armacell’s commitment to the Life Safety Code of the National Fire Protection Association. The line features the new FlameDefense technology and helps ArmaFlex Ultra resist burning and reduce smoke development. ArmaFlex Ultra to become the first UL Classified elastomeric insulation. 

Other Areas of Application

• Refrigeration lines, line sets, chilled water pipes, hot and cold water piping
• HVAC systems, VRV and VRF systems, ducts
• Exposed ceilings and air plenums
• Commercial, mechanical, industrial, construction
• OEM transportation and equipment

Armaflex Ultra Rolls

• Protection against thermal losses, condensation, and moisture ingress.
• Meets code requirements for installation in plenums.
• Low water vapor permeability
• Available with and without self-adhering backer

How do I get started?

At Seal & Design, we can die-cut materials like this to custom measurements in a broad range of sizes due to the variety of die-cutting machines we have.  We urge you contact us at Seal & Design for more information regarding different materials for your project(s).  Let us help you choose the right product for your next project.