Used frequently in the pulp & paper industry, multiple effect evaporators boil water through a sequence of vessels held at increasingly lower pressures. However, the evaporators dome lids are prone to leaking if the gaskets used are unreliable or a poor fit for the application.

The Solution: Durlon® 9000 series welded gaskets

Seal & Design offers high-quality welded gasket solutions for a variety of chemical applications including:
durlon-blueDurlon® 9000/9000N

Tested and approved for extreme temperatures, caustics, and liquid and gaseous dry-chlorine service, this PTFE model is widely used in the pulp and paper industry.



Durlon® 9200W

durlon-whiteA blend of Barium Sulfate and PTFE makes this model resistant to the aggressive chemicals such as caustics,hydrogen peroxide, sodium hypochlorite, nitric acid, liquors, and digesters used in pulp and paper processes.





To learn more about Durlon® 9000 gaskets contact Seal & Design or visit our website.

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