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Battery Pads & Cushions

Lithium-ion (Li-ion) batteries, the power source of choice for the new generation of electric, hybrid, and plug-in hybrid vehicles, require cushioning, sealing and vibration isolation that must perform reliably under tough conditions.  Seal & Design offers the Rogers’ suite of battery pad solutions. They are designed to provide designers with high-performance options that can withstand the stresses of fluctuating compression and temperature. PORON® polyurethanes and BISCO® silicone materials are designed to reliably hold a consistent force, keeping battery cells aligned, sealed from dust and fluid and isolated from the damaging effects of vibration.

Battery Compression Pads and Cushions

Battery Pad cushions, or compression pads, used inside an EV pouch cell battery pack must be firm enough to hold components in place and compressible enough to withstand dimensional changes to the pouch cells over the life of the battery.

Anti-Vibration Pads for Vibration Isolation

Batteries also need to be packaged to absorb internal impact energy. Vibration must be managed both within the pack and between the pack and the vehicle. PORON polyurethane and BISCO silicone anti-vibration pads are proven solutions within the automotive industry, providing solutions as vibration dampeners and isolators.

Battery Enclosure Sealing and Fastening

BISCO silicone foams are the solution of choice for sealing and protecting battery enclosures from potential damage caused by the elements and road debris.

Battery Pad and Cushion Materials

PORON EVExtend® Battery Pad Material

Seal and Design is a Roger’s PORON Preferred Converter

PORON and BISCO materials are sold through an exclusive network of Preferred Converters, a select group of partners who deliver an exceptional level of service and support for Rogers products.

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