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BONDED SEALS (Sealing Washers)

Most fluid systems have fasteners that must be sealed. Fastener seal designs feature an elastomeric sealing element molded in place within a metal retainer (washer). Although resembling a simple o-ring groove concept, the mold in place fastener seal offers numerous advantages.

Temperature ranges are limited by the elastomers performance range. The standard metal component is cadmium plated low carbon steel, and the standard elastomer materials is buna-n or Viton. Please contact Seal & Design for materials based on a specific application you may have.






400 Series

The 400 series bonded seal was originally designed to replace copper type washers in high-pressure systems.

The 400 series bonded seal comprises a metal washer and an elastomeric ring bonded inside the diameter. The metal washer prevents over-compression and limits deformation of the elastomeric ring.

600 Series

600 series bonded seals are one piece molded in place seals with the rubber sealing element mechanically locked in the metal retainer.

They are designed to seal beneath the head of the fastener for both internal and external pressure systems. They can be assembled and removed, do not need “set-up” time and are easily parted from contacting surfaces without special tools or chemicals. This makes it possible to gain access to sealed areas.

750 Series

750 bonded seals are reusable, safe, reliable seals for threaded devices. Their design is unique.

These can be used for sealing directly against threads. Require no special machining or style of bolt, screw or thread. They are self centering, non-directional and are low in original cost; can provide considerable savings because they make possible the use of low standard fasteners and full threaded fittings. No special tools or skill is needed to assemble – simply push them on with a slight twisting motion, and tighten fastener.