New DOSS O-Ring Inspection Machine

Seal & Design’s new O-Ring vision inspection machine is state of the art!  It’s fully equipped with low energy consumption illumination powered by LED stroboscopic technology, two high definition cameras, plus a 360° camera that inspects the entire periphery of the part and a laser to check part thickness or flatness.   The O-Ring vision […]

Material Splitting

At Seal & Design, we have the unique capability to split master rolls of material into custom thickness at high tolerances. This makes us extremely competitive in weather stripping, insulation, and other sponge/foam applications. Material splitting is an excellent complement to our lamination and gasket fabrication capabilities. Gasket Material Selecting the right gasket material is […]

Waterjet Cutting

Waterjet cutting machines are a popular tool used to cut a wide variety of materials. These machines use a very high-pressure jet of water, or a mixture of water and some abrasive substances, in order to cut through materials like granite, metal, rubber, and wood. Waterjet cutting machines suit numerous applications and can assist in […]

O-Ring Inspection Equipment

In many critical applications (including automotive, aerospace, and life support, among others), 100% dimensional inspection of o-rings is often required. Seal & Design has a host of inspection machines that are dedicated to 100% inspection of o-rings and other seals, to ensure each individual part meets all drawing dimensions and other measurable specifications. Also called […]

Custom Packaging

As a make-to-order fabricator of parts for a wide variety of customers, we know from experience that packaging and labeling of your parts can be almost as important as the parts themselves. At Seal & Design Inc., we can package all of your parts to your exact specifications. Custom Packaging & Labeling Capabilities Seal & […]

Planar Inspection Machine

Our Quality Assurance department’s Planar inspection machine is the world’s fastest two dimensional measurement system! In less than 0.1 of a second, Planar can measure millions of points.  These measurements are then overlaid on the parts DXF/DWG file to generate a deviation map and full set of inspection reports in less than 20 seconds! The […]

PSA Lamination

Seal & Design has a wide variety of Pressure Sensitive Adhesive (PSA) laminating capabilities. We laminate many materials, perform in-line sitting, and can accommodate both large and small quantities up to 60″ wide.

O-ring and Molded Products Inspection Machine

O-Ring Inspection Machine

Seal & Design is excited to announce its latest equipment acquisition: Another state-of-the-art Inspection Machine. This piece of equipment adds to Seal and Design’s existing quality arsenal of high end inspection equipment. This equipment allows for the rapid, automated, inspection of o-rings and other molded rubber and plastic products. Standard inspection machines can only inspect […]