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Electrical Enclosure Gaskets and Seals

What is an Electrical Enclosure Gasket and Seal?

Electrical and other cabinet applications requiring sealing often need low compression set, and sometimes low closure force seals.  Seal & Design converts many foam, sponge and rubber sealing systems to accommodate any sealing situation.  Seal and design offers die cut gaskets, Foam/Sponge Stripping and extruded rubber and sponge profiles.  Seal & Design also offers transfer molded corners on custom extruded gaskets for a true, endless looking seal.

An “Electrical enclosure gasket” can often refer to the front panel gasket, enclosure door gasket, an access panel gasket, gland plate gasket or the connector gaskets. These are all important to consider if your enclosure needs to meet  UL gasketing ratings. You may ask what exactly is a UL gasket? A UL gasket is made with a material that has been evaluated by Underwriters Laboratories (UL) for use in an enclosure.

Low Closure Force Seals

Low-closure force seals reduce bolt loading and flange
requirements when sealing enclosures and boxes. These spliced hollow rings are used in telecommunications, electronics, semiconductor, general industrial, aerospace, military and automotive applications.

This reduced closure force is achieved by changing from a solid to a hollow cross-section without lowering the material hardness.  If you require efficient, efficient and reliable seals for light-weight enclosures with minimal fasteners or bolts in tandem with thin sheet metal or plastic flanges, contact us at Seal & Design.

PORON® 4701-40 Polyurethane

When it comes to gasket design, PORON 4701-40 polyurethane is a soft foam that is fit for the job. The material provides a broad range of compression performance for gasketing and sealing in a variety of applications in portable electronics, automotive, aerospace and more. There are several materials that solve some of these problems, but only PORON® V-0 Urethane material can provide performance and UL94 V-0 certification.

Material Highlight Bisco

To highlight a material, BISCO HT-800 Medium Cellular Silicone is a versatile, medium firmness silicone. HT-800 silicone foam leads the market in sealing and protecting outdoor communication, electronics and lighting enclosures. The silicone foam’s memory and low stress relaxation reduces maintenance costs from gasket failures caused by compression set and softening. Its compact cell structure and formulation provide excellent sealing against penetration from fine particles and wind-driven rain and fire. Shock reduction and vibration isolation in electronic components and transportation vehicles are also added benefits.

3M 300LSE for Powder Coated Surfaces

We also carry 3M 300LSE. Which is a hi-strength acrylic adhesive that provides very high bond strength to most surfaces. The acrylic adhesive also provides excellent adhesion to surfaces contaminated lightly with oil typically used with machine parts. 3M double coated
tape 9490LE offers the added feature of 3M™ Laminating Adhesive 300MP on one side to provide excellent bond strength
to a variety of foam and fabric materials. 

Monarch – Blended sponges – UL approved

Armacell Monarch #5031 is a black, closed cell, general purpose, EPDM/Neoprene/SBR blended rubber product.  Monarch 5301 meets all the physical property requirements of ASTM D 1056-07 2A1 and SAE J-18 APR2002 2A1. It also incorporates flame retardants, meets the requirements of FMVSS-302 at 2.5 mm and higher and is listed with UL to UL 94 HF01. Monarch 5031 is manufactured with non-staining oils and anti-oxidants.