Did you know that Seal & Design is one of the largest Klingersil distributors in North America?  With Klingersil’s diverse product range, we can find a sealing solution customized for your application. Our sales staff can help you choose the Klingersil material that’s best for you.

A few of the Top Klingersil Materials we offer:

Klingersil 4401


Good General Purpose Sheet, Excellent Sealability
Klingersil 4401 is a good general purpose gasketing material. It providesexcellent sealability from compressor gaskets to piping flange gaskets.This versatile material is relied upon everyday throughout the world.

Klingersil 4433


Ultimate Steam Sheet, Excellent Creep Relaxation
Klingersil 4433 is a great sealing material for applications requiring steam sealing. It works great in steam fittings and steam pipe flanges. Its physical properties and excellent creep relaxation make this material suitable for many applications.

Klinger Quantum


FDA compliant, Broad range of applications
Klingersil Quantum is FDA compliant gasketing material. it’s a great choice for sealing applications in the medical and food services industry. It’s also suited to a broad range of applications and is commonly found in heat exchange gaskets in food processing plants.

These aren’t the only Klingersil materials we have, our website has a more detailed list of Klingersil materials that we carry.  And even if we don’t have it listed, we can get it quickly!

Contact us to see what Klinger products can serve your sealing applications needs.

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