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Seal & Design Acquires Rochester-based Chamberlin Rubber Company

We are excited to announce that Seal & Design, Inc. has recently acquired Rochester-based Chamberlin Rubber Company, a supplier of mass transit, industrial elastomers and ...
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What is UL Rating and why is it important?

What is UL Rating and why is it important? Posted on: Safety is Important. Any business owner can tell you that the safety of your ...
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Seal & Design and EV Charging Stations​

Seal & Design and EV Charging Stations Posted on: EV Charging Stations According to Forbes, in Q2 2022, Electric vehicles (EVs) sales accounted for 5.6% ...
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EMI Gaskets

EMI Gaskets & Shielding What are EMI Gaskets? EMI gaskets are used in many electronic devices that require shielding. These types of gaskets were previously ...
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Electrical Enclosure Gaskets and Seals​

Electrical Enclosure Gaskets and Seals What is an Electrical Enclosure Gasket and Seal? Electrical and other cabinet applications requiring sealing often need low compression set, ...
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Armaflex Ultra Rolls

A Closer Look At ArmaFlex® Ultra​

A Closer Look At ArmaFlex® Ultra Posted on: What is ArmaFlex® Ultra? Insulation is a key material in the world we live, work and play ...
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thermal gap filler

Advantages of Thermal Gap Fillers​

Advantages of Thermal Gap Fillers Posted on: What are thermal gap fillers? A thermal gap filler is a piece of material that gets into tiny ...
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Bisco Silicone Applications

Bisco Silicones Posted on: Seal & Design has been a Rogers Converter for over a decade. Rogers’ Bisco Silicone Sponge is an industry leader in silicone sponge. The Bisco line of ...
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See through All Electric Vehicle with labels on the parts

EV in Automotive

Seal & Design and EV in Automotive Posted on: What is EV in Automotive? All-electric vehicles (EVs), also referred to as battery electric vehicles, have ...
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Seal & Design and Rotary Die Cutters​

Seal & Design and Rotary Die Cutters Posted on: What is a Rotary Die Cutter? A rotary die cutter allows for accurate and high-speed converting ...
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Aerial view of Seal and Design building

Why Choose Us?

Seal & Design: Why Choose Us? Posted on: Why Choose Us? You may be thinking, well, why choose us for your gasketing and o-ring needs? ...
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3M Preferred Converter

3M Preferred Converter is the highest designation any 3M partner can attain and is given to high-caliber partners, and Seal & Design is proud to ...
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