3M Select Converter

3M™ Select Converter

3M Select ConverterSeal & Design is proud to be a 3M™ Select Converter. 3M™ Select Converter status is a quality certification awarded by 3M™ Converter Solutions. It is a difficult qualification to obtain and means that our company is reliable, knowledgeable, and trustworthy.

3M™ converter status allows us access to 3M-certified specialists and support services, access to cutting edge products and solutions, and the most competitive pricing the industry offers.

We specialize in applying 3M™ pressure sensitive and industrial adhesives to many of our customized sealing solutions. Customers get 3M™ brand high-quality products custom converted to meet their application by Seal & Design's knowledgeable workforce.

InfoContact us and ask about 3M's pressure sensitive adhesives or many of their other industrial adhesive products. We can custom convert it to meet your applications' sealing needs.

3M Products

3M™ 87630A In addition to being a Select Converter for adhesives, we also have access to and offer 3M's line of premium thermal & electrically conductive tapes and materials.

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