3M Ultra Clean / Ultra Low Outgassing Tapes

3M™ Ultra Clean / Ultra Low Outgassing Tapes

3M™ Adhesive Transfer TapeClean adhesives are required to reduce the contamination typical of most pressure sensitive adhesive applications. 3M™ Ultra Clean Laminating Adhesives are engineered for contamination sensitive applications.

Ultra-clean Laminating Adhesives are ideal for applications that need lower outgassing and ionics levels compared to current generation laminating adhesives. 3M™ ultra-clean adhesives 501FL and 502FL have an acrylic chemistry that offers good thermal stability over moderate temperatures and short high temperature excursions when combined with a backing layer.

These low outgassing, low fogging adhesive transfer tapes are ideal for hard disk drives, automotive, aerospace and medical applications where contamination sensitive solutions are required.

Ultra-Clean Laminating Adhesive 501FL & 502FL [PDF]


  • Low outgassing at escalated temperatures & very low extractable ionic content
  • Helps reduce risk of chemical contamination which can cause head corrosion and media fogging that may cause hard drive failures
  • Reduces fogging or condensation in vehicle or aerospace window applications
  • Low odor helps improve worker handling
  • Low water vapor transmission rate provides effective barrier for water vapor
  • Low extractable ionic content