Beater Add Gaskets

Beater Add Gaskets

GasketsWe fabricate beater add gaskets from the following manufacturers:

Beater-addition gasket materials, or simply Beater Add for short, are made by proprietary manufacturing processes. Each Beater Add vendor has their own process but the general process is as follows: A select mixture of water, latex, fibers, fillers, and chemicals is formed into a slurry. The slurry is then run through specialized machinery that extracts the water, dries the mixture, compresses, and vulcanizes the material into a long continous sheet. Sheets are rolled as a finished product from which gaskets are fabricated.

The selection of fibers, fillers, chemicals as well as the compression force produce a wide range of formulations. The main advantage of Beater Add is that it is inexpensive. A disadvantage is that operating temperature ranges may be limited. 

InfoIf you need assistance choosing which beater-add gasket formulation is right for your application, don't hesitate to contact us.

Beater Add - Thermoseal

Thermoseal LogoThermoseal's Multi-Layer Technology materials provide both exceptional interfacial and interstitial sealability. Conformable outer layers prevent leakage between the gasket and flanges and a strong high density core provides structural support while preventing leakage through the gasket. Multi-Layer Technology materials are available in varied compounds to match your application requirements so you can tailor performance to your customer's application.

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Beater Add - Interface

Interface Solutions LogoInterface Solutions offers nearly 60 different gasket materials, encompassing a wide range of performance capabilities, price points and intended uses. These products help customers meet global requirements for cost reduction, performance improvement and certainty of operation. 

Seal & Design Inc is a member of Interface Solutions’ Value Added Network of preferred fabricators.

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