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Garlock BlueGard

Garlock BlueGardThe Garlock® BLUE-GARD® compressed, non-asbestos (CNA) gasketing line offers a variety of elastomers that provide exceptional sealability and excel in a wide range of services. The unique blend of aramid fibers, fillers and elastomeric binders provides improved torque retention and drastically lowered emissions levels.

BLUE-GARD® gasketing offers cost savings by cutting operational costs through reduced waste, maintenance, stocked inventory, fluid loss, and energy consumption.

Garlock BlueGard Product Lineup

BlueGard Style
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Garlock BlueGard 3000
Aramid Fibers with a NBR Binder
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BlueGard 3000
Garlock BlueGard 3200
Aramid fibers with a SBR Binder
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BlueGard 3200
Garlock BlueGard 3300
Aramid fibers with a neoprene binder
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BlueGard 3300
Garlock BlueGard 3400
Aramid fibers with a SBR binder
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BlueGard 3400
Garlock BlueGard 3700
Aramid fibers with a EPDM binder
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BlueGard 3700
Strainer Gaskets
Garlock BlueGard Strainer Gasket
Aramid fibers with a EPDM binder
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BlueGard Strainer Gasket