Garlock Gylon Welded

Garlock Gylon

Garlock GylonGarlock® GYLON® gasketing is a family of severe service PTFE gasketing materials manufactured using a proprietary process that imparts unique physical properties that are not obtainable through conventional manufacturing methods.

The innovative GYLON® manufacturing process reorients the PTFE and fillers in a way that increases the material’s tensile properties and decreases the creep relaxation problems that usually plague PTFE products. In addition, the mixing process creates a homogenous material with consistent, superior physical properties that, unlike inferior skived PTFE sheet gaskets, do not fluctuate from one side of the sheet to another.

Plus, our patented thermal bonding process allows us to fabricate gaskets of nearly any size. Designed for severe chemical service, GYLON® gaskets are color-coded for easy identification and provide superior sealability to reduce process and media loss and fugitive emissions. They also reduce creep and cold flow characteristics.

Welded Gylon


Thermally bonded Gylon® gaskets for extra large flanges that provide excellent chemical resistance and sealing performance


  • Effective seal
  • Patented welding process produces large gaskets without dovetailed joints that permit leakage
  • GYLON® material provides excellent chemical resistance of PTFE without creep relaxation and cold flow problems
  • Versatile



  • Available in cut gasket form only
  • Style 3500, 3504, and 3510 can be welded using this unique process
  • Ideal for corrosive applications with extra large flanages