Garlock HT Style 9800

Garlock High Temp Style 9800

Garlock HT 9800 Garlock High Temp 9800 Datasheet PDF

High Temperature Gasketing
Carbon Fibers with a SBR Binder


  • Heat and Pressure Resistant
    • Carbon fiber gasketing excels in harshest conditions- intense heat, high pressure, saturated steam* and hot oils
    • Laboratory tested for fire safety
  • Tighter Seal
    • Maintains effective seal during pressure and temperature fluctuations
    • Superior torque retention lowers leakage rates and reduces maintenance time
  • Convenient
    • Flexible material is easy to handle and cut
    • Sheet sizes to 150" x 150" (3.8 m x 3.8 m) minimize waste and inventory costs




  • Saturated steam*
  • Water
  • Inert gases
  • Mild acids
  • Mild alkalies


*Minimum recommended assembly stress = 4,800psi. Preferred assembly stress = 6,000-10,000psi. Gasket thickness of 1/16" strongly preferred. Retorque the bolts/studs prior to pressurizing the assembly. For saturated steam above 150psig or superheated steam, consult Garlock Engineering.


Min. Temperature: 100°F
Max Temperature: 900°F
Continuous Max: 650°F
Max Pressure: 2000 (PSI)
Maximum PxT 1/16: 700,000 (°F x PSIG)
Maximum PxT 1/8: 350,000 (°F x PSIG)