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Kammprofile GasketThis style is composed of a grooved metal core with a layer of graphite or other composition sheet material on both sides. They are ideal for standard pipeline and heat exchanger applications. There are 3 standard styles of this gasket. Ring, Fixed Guide Ring and Floating Guide ring.

Kammprofile gaskets have excellent compression and recovery characteristics, maintaining joint tightness under pressure and temperature fluctuations, temperature differential across the flange face, flange rotation, bolt stress relaxation, and creep. Kammprofile gaskets consist of a sealing core metal with or without a guide ring. 

The sealing core is a solid metal gasket with concentric serrations on both sealing surfaces and faced with soft material such as flexible graphite, ePTFE or other materials depending on operating conditions. Handles pressures from vacuum to Class 2500 and temperatures cryogenics to 2000°F (1090°C)- depending on the sealing material and the metal.

Garlock Kammprofile

GarlockGarlock's Kammprofile gaskets provide exceptional reliability in difficult applications. Kammprofile gaskets have a serrated solid metal core and soft deformable sealing material. The Garlock 642 Series has six different styles and a handful of material and sealing element options to choose from.

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Leader Kammprofile

LeaderLeaderKAM kammprofile gaskets consist of a metallic core with machined concentric grooves. Both faces are produced with soft sealing layers consisting of either graphite, PTFE or Mica. LeaderKAM Kamprofile gaskets have prooven records in demanding application with heat-exchangers with fluctuating and cycling process conditions. These are a superb alternative for metal jacketed gaskets.

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Lamons Kammprofile

LamonsLamons Kammprofile gaskets are recognized as a problem solver for heat exchangers, large vessels, and equipment that experience excessive movement due to thermal expansion. Lamons has a variety of Kammprofile gaskets.

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Flexitallic Kammprofile

FlexitallicFlexitallic calls their kammprofile gasket lineup, Flexpro®. It's called Flexpro because it offers the compressibility of a sheet gasket for low sealing stress, along with the bolt tightness of a spiral wound gasket; plus the handling ease of a solid metal gasket and its resistance to buckling. The Flexpro gasket fights against flange rotation, bolt stress relaxation, and creep—even under extreme pressure and temperature fluctuations.

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