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Garlock Kammprofile Gaskets

GarlockGarlock's Kammprofile gaskets provide exceptional reliability in difficult applications. Kammprofile gaskets have a serrated solid metal core and soft deformable sealing material. The Garlock 642 Series has six different styles and a handful of material and sealing element options to choose from.

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Core options
Metal Core Type Max Temp.
304 SS 1400°F 760°C
316 SS 1400°F 760°C
321 SS 1400°F 760°C
Aluminum 800°F 425°C
Copper 600°F 315°C
HASTELLOY® 2000°F 1090°C
INCONEL® 2000°F 1090°C
INCOLOY® 1600°F 870°C
MONEL® 1500°F 815°C
Titanium 2000°F 1090°C
Sealing Element Options
Element Max Temp.
ePTFE 500°F 260°C
Flexible graphite 950°F 510°C
GYLON® 500°F 260°C
PTFE 500°F 260°C
Kammprofile Style Diagram Construction Centering Ring Flange
Parallel Root Convex Root Integral Floating Male/Female Tongue/Groove Flat Face Raised Face
642 A Garlock Kammprofile 642 A X       X X    
642 AR Garlock Kammprofile 642 AR X   X       X X
642 AR2 Garlock Kammprofile 642 AR2 X     X     X X
642 AC Garlock Kammprofile 642 AC   X     X X    
642 ARC Garlock Kammprofile 642 ARC   X X       X X
642 ARC2 Garlock Kammprofile 642 ARC2   X   X     X X