Splicing & Vulcanized ORings: Static Application | Seal & Design

Splicing & Vulcanized O Rings

O-Ring Cord RackThese o-rings are made from cord stock and vulcanized with heat activated adhesives. We can make them any size above four inches. We stock most diameters in Silicone, Viton, Buna, and Neoprene.

Info Please note that spliced/vulcanized o-rings should only be used for static applications.

O-ring Cord Cut Length Formulas

Inside Diameter Formula:
    Inside Diameter Formula
OD = Outer Diameter, ID = Inner Diameter, CS = Cross Section

Calculated O-ring Cord Cut Length formula:
    Cord Cut Formula
OD = Outer Diameter, ID = Inner Diameter, π = 3.14159

O-ring Cord Cut Length Calculator

O-Ring Outer Diameter
O-Ring Inside Diameter
Cord Length
Cross Section

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