PolyEtherEther-Ketone, or PEEK, is a high performance thermoplastic material that offers chemical and water resistant properties to seals. Peek seals are manufactured with peek material, and operate at much higher temperatures than other seals.  Seal & Design peek seals can be used consistently to a temperature of 500F without losing any physical properties, and since they are made with thermoplastic materials, they can be heated, cooled, and heated again without degradation. When high temperature and high pressure demand a high performance thermoplastic seal, peek seals meet the needs of various applications. A low co-efficient of friction, and a high wear resistance without lubricants, peek seals are insoluble in solvents such as oils, salts, and acids. Since the properties and materials that peek seals are manufactured from are important to their performance, peek seal materials must resist hardening, and maintain a long service life.

Seal & Design can provide custom peek seals that ensure optimal fluid control while eliminating leakage of your specific products. Our seals are engineered for static and dynamic applications and we utilize the latest research, technologies, and finest materials to provide our customers with optimum performance during demanding application conditions. Our peek sealing products include o-rings, lip seals, piston rings, wipers, and wear rings.

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