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V-ring seals are mounted on shafts and their thin, tapered lip seals against a surface (counterface) at right angles to the shaft. No special demands are placed on the surface finish of the shaft seating and the V-rings act as flingers, since they have an interference fit on the shaft and rotate with it. Misalignment of the shaft with respect to the counterface can be tolerated and V-rings also provide reliable sealing if the shaft is out-of-round or rotates eccentrically.

It should be remembered when using V-rings that the amount by which the shaft can be displaced axially is governed by the permissible displacement of the V-ring relative to its counterface.

V-rings are made entirely of elastomer without fabric or sheet metal reinforcement. They are, therefore, particularly easy to install. They can be stretched and, depending on size, can be pushed over other components of the arrangement, e.g. flanges, pulleys or even housings. This is a very valuable characteristic, especially in the case of repairs.

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