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ThermaCool® gives you the freedom to push the envelope on your next-generation concepts without worrying about the impact on the manufacturing process. These products are based upon 50 years of tape manufacturing experience, designing thermal interfaces with creative materials and quality constructions to achieve maximum performance. TheThermaCool® product line give maximum thermal performance in a cost-effective form.

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What do thermal materials do?

Thermal materials increase thermal efficiency between two mating components. These materials are used to reduce the air gaps by conforming to the rough and uneven surfaces. Heat generated by one component is needed to be removed and the thermal material increases the rate of dissipation.  

Why Should You Purchase Thermal Materials From Seal & Design?

Seal & Design has a variety of thermal materials from ThermaCool, a company that specializes in intelligent temperate management. We offer thermal tapes, fabrics, gap fillers, phase change technology, and more that you can utilize for your manufacturing needs.

Seal & Design offers thermal management solutions you can take advantage of, as we can help you find the correct thermal material for your project. Our exceptional customer service representatives are happy to answer any and all of your questions regarding our products as well as their uses and prices.

What Are the Benefits of Thermal Insulation Materials?

Thermal insulation materials offer several benefits. These include:

  • Enhanced functionality
  • Reduced energy costs and higher energy efficiency
  • Optimal control and management
  • More versatility
  • More cost-effective
  • Safe

Choosing the Right Thermal Material for Your Project

When it comes to choosing the correct thermal materials for your project, you need to consider the following factors.

  1. The features of the thermal material. This includes size, pressure compatibility, storage options, conductivity, thermal impedance, properties, reliability, reworkability, flexibility, ease of use, dielectric strength, mechanical strength, and more.
  2. The benefits of the thermal material. What are the material’s properties? Is it adaptable?
  3. The applications the thermal material can be used for. This includes engine control, transmission control, power conversion equipment, consumer electronics, handheld devices, power supplies, power conversion equipment, microprocessors, and more.


For example, thermal gap fillers are highly workable at low pressures and can be re-workable. Gap filler gels can be utilized for engine or transmission control applications. Thermal tapes are another one of our popular thermal products. Thermal tapes eliminate the need for mechanical attachment and can be used in a variety of applications, as they can be customized. Thermal tapes are often used for telecommunication infrastructure applications.

It’s important that you choose a thermal material that corresponds with the application you’ll be utilizing. The thermal management experts at Seal & Design can help you determine which thermal material you need for your project or application. Contact us today for more information. We are happy to help you in any way we can!


The ThermaCool family of high performance thermally conductive gap fillers provides solutions to difficult thermal management problems. The ThermaCool gap filler family includes products in a variety of thicknesses and a range of hardness values to effectively close gaps while providing the thermal transfer needed in demanding electronic applications.


Thermally Conductive Fabrics are fiberglass-reinforced ceramic filled silicone polymer sheets used to provide thermal transfer and electrical isolation where interface gaps are less than 20 mils and high torque application is required.


Thermally Conductive Fabrics are fiberglass-reinforced ceramic filled silicone polymer sheets used to provide thermal transfer and electrical isolation where interface gaps are less than 20 mils and high torque application is required.

All of the adhesives are flame retardant and are formulated for high performance adhesion while still being easily re-workable without damage to sensitive components.


In addition to being a Select Converter for adhesives, we also have access to and offer 3M’s line of premium thermal & electrically conductive tapes and materials.


HeatSORB proprietary phase change material addresses thermal management issues by capturing heat – allowing a device to remain cooler by delaying temperature ramps.

HeatSORB material increases thermal efficiency and goes above and beyond traditional heat spreaders such as copper, graphite sheets, or heat pipes. HeatSORB material provides benefit to any application in which high heat of fusion and long-term, reliable thermal management are concerns – especially when real estate is limited.