Need an O-ring for low temperature applications? Viton V91A can help!

Low Temperature Viton O-Ring Materal

V91A is the first low-temperature, explosive decompression resistant, viton o-ring material of its kind that is cable of retaining its elastomeric properties at temperatures as low as -51°F (-46°C). This revolutionary viton o-ring material allows engineers to extend the effective limit of their equipment in low temperture applications where vition o-rings are required due to the chemical environment.  Low temperature performance of viton o-rings is becoming more important with the commercialization of oil fields in cold locations, such as in Alaska, the North Sea and Russia. Traditionally, viton o-rings have not been recommended for low temperature dynamic applications below -22°F (-30°C).  This is due to the Glass Transition Temperature (Tg) of most low temperature ED resistant viton elastomer formulations. See this and more viton products on our viton o-rings page.

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