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Seal & Design Inc., not unlike many successful businesses, started from humble beginnings.  In May of 1989, Dean T. Penman renovated a 1,500 sq. foot building that was once a “chicken coop” in Clarence, NY and began operations with just three employees.  Dean brought with him over 20 years of experience in the seals and gaskets industry and a drive to put his customers first that would serve as the solid foundation of Seal & Design.

His son, Dean S. Penman joined Seal & Design permanently in 1990 after graduating from Ohio Northern University. Soon thereafter we outgrew that renovated “chicken coop” and moved into our current facility, a 51,000 sq. foot office, production, and warehouse facility on Casilio Parkway in Clarence. Since then Seal & Design has become an industry leader under the Penman family’s guidance and leadership.


Today, Seal & Design is a leading manufacturer and distributor of die-cut gaskets, seals, o-rings and molded rubber products.  We also supply finished goods and materials to wide range of industries, including the automotive, medical, military, electronics, power generation, hydraulics industries and as well as many commercial industries.  Seal & Design is a global company and currently sells to customers all over the world.

Our mission is to provide the highest quality products, technical support, delivery, and service, at competitive prices.  Seal & Design’s customer focused attitude allows us to meet customers’ expectations in supplying specialty labels, logistics management and consignment inventory. Seal & Design believes in the “Make it Happen” approach; we are always looking ways to improve manufacturing efficiency and innovate in the industry.

The company has 100 employees under the Seal & Design corporate umbrella.  The Penman family believes in supporting our hard-working, dedicated employees and treating them as our company’s most valuable asset.  Personal development and business training are stressed to make our employees the best in the business.

We have invested heavily in technology, equipment, and product development, which is all guided by our goal of being a world-class organization.

Seal & Design has expanded in the US with satellite offices in Syracuse, NY to service Central New York, Akron, Ohio to better service our Ohio and Mid-West customer base.  Recently we’ve expanded with a sales office in California. We also utilize a number of manufacturer’s reps to promote our products and services in other geographic regions throughout the US, from California to Florida.

In 2006, we acquired competitor Able O-Rings and Seals in Canada, now known as Able Seal & Design, to expand our international base.  Able O-Ring s became Able Seal & Design is located right in Toronto, Ontario. Able Seal & Design has 40 years of experience as a distributor of gaskets, o-rings and molded rubber products across Canada.

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“Able,” as they are affectionately known, has 22 employees with the majority of their business related to sales and distribution with some light manufacturing capability. The majority of the manufacturing occurs in our Clarence location due to our expertise and our state-of-the-art equipment.

Able recently moved into a brand new 16,000 sq. foot facility to take on the growing business in the Canadian market. The acquisition allowed Seal & Design to have a presence in the Canadian marketplace and expand our footprint globally, which further supports our vision to be a World-Class sealing, o-rings and gasket company.

The Penman family is thankful to everyone that has contributed to our success over the past 25 years. Being a family-run business in this day and age takes a lot of dedication and hard work and focus on fulfilling our mission.  Our customers and their loyalty make it easy to stick to the ideals Seal & Design was founded on and our employees make us more than a manufacturer. We have become a family that operates at the highest standards.

We would like to take this opportunity let our customers know they are valued and to let our employees know we couldn’t do it without you. We are committed to your satisfaction and look forward to another 25 years.

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