Viton-FDA-o-ringSeal & Design has added a white FDA viton compound to its viton o-ring page. This o-ring material is listed as being acceptable for repeated use in contact with food.  Our Viton o-ring page lists this as well as the most common o-ring materials we supply.

Seal & Design can develop custom Viton o-ring compounds based on your specific application.  Viton o-rings can be made in unique colors, special durometers, various internal lubrications, and several fluorine content levels based on the required chemical compatibility.

Even if Viton doesn’t suite your application, we have a host of other o-ring compounds that can be put to use. Whatever your application, Seal & Design can provide the right o-ring for the job.

Contact Seal & Design with any specific requirements for your Viton o-ring applications.


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  1. Can you please quote 500, 1000 pcs of FDA White Viton O-Ring, 568-328. Thank you.
    Gene Kubisty
    Mid-West Supply of Hudson

  2. Dear Lady/Sir,
    We are a gasket manufacturer located in Spain.
    One of our customers need some FDA Viton O-Rings.
    These are the quantities and sizes (in mm):
    4 units Ø15 x 3
    4 units Ø22 x 2
    4 units Ø22 x 3
    16 units Ø54 x 3
    16 units Ø56 x 3
    16 units Ø62,17 x 2,62
    32 units Ø68 x 3,5
    20 units Ø76 x 4
    16 units Ø81,92 x 5,33
    64 units Ø 82 x 3,5
    16 units Ø100 x 3
    8 units Ø132 x 3
    16 units Ø170 x 3
    Please send us your best offer and delivery expected time.
    Thanks and best regards

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