Seal & Design offers a full line of spring energized Teflon seals which are used in rod, piston, face and rotary sealing applications. These seals are typically used in areas where elastomeric seals cannot meet the frictional, temperature, or chemical resistance requirements of the application.

Utilizing a variety of jacket profiles, PTFE compounds, spring types, and lip configurations, these seals can be designed to meet the requirements of the most demanding seal environments.  Contact Seal & Design to review your application needs and discuss how we can help.

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  1. Dear sir or Madam,
    we are looking for some spring energized teflon seals for our laser systems. The seals are used to hold the Laserrod in the watercooled housing. We need seals with an unstressed outer diameter of 7,3 mm and an stressed outer-diameter of 7mm. The seal should have an inner diameter of 3,9mm for a 4mm Rod. The heigh of the seal should be 2 – 2,5 mm.
    Please tell us if you have such sealings and how much does they cost?
    best regards
    Andreas Welzmüller

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