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100% Defect-Free Seals

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Inspection systems

In critical applications, 100% dimensional inspection of seals can be required by end-users to ensure defect-free products. This requirement is often found in the automotive, aerospace, and life support industries, among other applications. Seal & Design can supply 100% defect free o-rings and seals using our automated inspection equipment, ensuring each individual part supplied meets all drawing dimensions and other measurable specifications.

Also called “vision systems”, these machines use camera stations with either infrared or white light to measure any particular dimension of an o-ring that is determined to be critical to function. From ID and OD, to concentricity and flatness, our equipment can measure and sort parts quickly and efficiently. Seal & Design is home to a variety of inspection machines, including those which are dedicated specifically to o-rings and round parts, to others that can measure virtually any shape.

Preventing contamination

To prevent contamination of 100% inspected parts, an automatic bagger packages the parts immediately upon completion of the inspection process. The automatic bagger allows for precise bagging/sealing of parts, with customer-required information (including part numbers, quantities, and batch information) printed directly onto the bags. From start to finish, the time it takes for a seal to complete the inspection and bagging process is less than 10 seconds.

These inspection machines are just another component of Seal & Design’s World Class production facility, which is certified to the IATF 16949:2009 Automotive Quality Management system. Seal & Design supplies millions of 100% inspected o-rings per year to businesses across the globe, in a wide range of applications. Please contact us to discuss your next project requiring o-rings, or any of your general gasket and seal needs. 

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