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Seal & Design is a 3M™ Preferred Converter

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What is a Preferred Converter?

You may be wondering, what does it mean to be a 3M™ Preferred Converter? The short answer is not everyone can be recognized as a 3M Preferred Converter.  It is the highest designation any 3M partner can attain and is given to high-caliber partners, and Seal & Design is proud to be just that. Not only that, but having a 3M converter status allows us access to 3M-certified specialists and support services, access to cutting-edge products and solutions, and the most competitive pricing the industry offers.

3M RPX1000 Acrylic Foam Tapes

Highlighting our recent move to be be a 3M Preferred Converter, we’d like to highlight 3M™ RPX1000.

3M Acrylic Foam Tape Series RPX1000 tapes are designed for attachment of automotive exterior trim parts
such as wheel arch extensions, spoilers, and door moldings – without the use of adhesion.

3M Series RPX1000 tapes offer the following key features:

  • Excellent primerless adhesion on the non-liner side to medium and low surface
    energy plastics
  • Confident application on part over a wide range of temperatures, as low as 5°C
  • Holding power in application temperatures up to 90°C on LSE plastics such as thermoplastic olefin (TPO),
    polypropylene, and polypropylene/ethylene propylene diene monomer (PP/EPDM)
  • Very good adhesion to easy, medium and difficult paint systems on the tape liner side
  • Unique foam core provides stress relaxation when high application loads are encountered while maintaining tight
    bond-line aesthetics under normal conditions
  • Capable of bonding to difficult paint systems depending upon the application.


Seal & Design understands that the development of automotive applications is typically driven by specification requirements and performance.

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