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Seal & Design fabricates closed cell sponge in bun from which is then converted into sheets on our electronically controlled splitting machine. From these sheets, a variety of gasket, sealing and cushioning products are manufactured. We also can apply pressure sensitive adhesives to these closed cell materials, making them even more versatile. Controlled compression and recovery characteristics along with shock absorption attributes provide a highly flexible material with the ability to fill in voids in many applications.


The premier, high-performance, elastomeric closed-cell foam, engineered to meet specific design considerations for fabricated products.

The EnsoLite® product line offers a broad range of closed-cell foam products based on PVC/NBR, PVC/NBR/CR, EPDM and Neoprene for applications in the industrial and automotive markets. The continuous-roll stock provides economies in fabrication. The EnsoLite product line also offers a complete range of density and compression deflection ranges.


Monarch is an established name representing quality and innovation. Products and custom capabilities serve many industries including transportation, industrial, electronics, sporting goods, marine industries and specialty markets.

Materials include primarily buns (blocks) made of EPDM, CR, SBR, ECH, NBR/PVC and various blends. Elastomeric Component Foam (ECF) products like Monarch are expanded, closed-cell foams comprised of various formulations.