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Aflas Material O-Rings & Aflas Gaskets

Excellent resistance to a wide variety of aggressive chemicals. Aflas is known for its use in oil field applications and its electrical resistance properties. This elastomer is a copolymer of tetrafluoroethylene (TFE) and propylene. Its chemical resistance is excellent across a wide range of aggressive media.

Both o-rings and gaskets can be made from Aflas materials.

Other Common Names:

Tetrafluoroethylene PropyleneTFE/PAflas®

Compound Info

ASTM D1418 DesignationFEPM
ASTM D2000/SAE J200 Type, ClassHK
Hardness (Shore A)60-90

Thermal Properties

Min Temp.-14°F (-25.5°C)
Max Temp.446°F (230°C)
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Chemical Resistance

Bases, Phosphate esters, Amines, Engine oils, Steam, Pulp and paper liquors

NOT Compatible

Aromatic fuels, Ketones, Carbon tetrachloride

Disclaimer: These are general guidelines only. All materials should be tested in your application.