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Thermoseal Beater Add Gaskets

Traditional compressed sheet gasket materials have a long history of success in OEM applications especially in European and Asian markets. Manufacturers in these markets historically avoided beater addition materials because of their propensity to wick fluids over time. This interstitial leakage (leakage through the gasket material) often resulted in unwanted wet edges on gaskets or an inability to pass end of assembly line air pressure checks. High quality compressed sheet materials typically exhibit zero interstitial leakage under the most common conditions found in engines where pressures, fluid aggressiveness, and temperatures are often far below those found in process industries. 

However, as engines have become more powerful, and all types of equipment have become lighter and often hotter, flanged joint designs often produce lower or uneven clamping loads. This can result in interfacial leakage (leakage between the gasket and flanges). In addition, flange thicknesses are often reduced providing potentially shorter leak paths to the outside of a sealed component.

Thermoseal’s Multi-Layer Technology materials provide both exceptional interfacial and interstitial seal-ability. Conformable outer layers prevent leakage between the gasket and flanges and a strong high density core provides structural support while preventing leakage through the gasket. Multi-Layer Technology materials are available in varied compounds to match your application requirements so you can tailor performance to your customer’s application.

Thermoseal Beater Add Offerings

Product Style




RG-N100 is a nitrile butadiene rubber, reinforced cellulose fiber and mineral filler general purpose gasket material.


RG-N120 is a reinforced cellulose gasket material with a nitrile butadiene rubber binder and inorganic fillers that provides a very good crush resistance at high flange pressures.


RG-P160 is a blended fiber and polychloroprene rubber gasket material with mineral fillers.


RG-S140 is a controlled-swell gasket material that provides excellent sealing where initial gasket conformability is required to compensate for flange out of flatness or roughness.


RG-S160 offers exceptional seal-ability and crush resistance in a wide range of applications.