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Hushcloth® Acoustical Foams

Hushcloth® Acoustical Foams (HC) can be purchased in rolls or sheets, and can be die cut, or fabricated to customer specifications. They are easily cut with a knife, saw or scissors. The addition of pressure sensitive adhesive provides a convenient method of fastening to most substrates. 

All Hushcloth® products can be made in combination with Whispermat® barrier systems when both absorption and transmission loss is needed, or VE damping systems, when enhanced vibration control is required. 

Hushcloth® Acoustical Foams are either Polyester or Polyether semi reticulate foam optimized for sound absorption 

Hushcloth® Acoustical (HC) foams are designed to provide maximum absorption of airborne sound with minimum thickness and weight. These flexible polyurethane open cell foam products are manufactured to optimize pore size, air flow resistance, and density. 

Many applications require these products to be subjected to environments such as dirt, moisture, chemicals, and abrasion that could be hostile to an unprotected foam. American Acoustical Products has developed various surface treatments to protect the integrity of the foam from these elements. These facings will increase the absorption properties at certain frequencies as well as provide a cleanable, decorative and durable finish for a wide variety of applications.

Hushcloth® Black Urethane Faced Foams

Hushcloth® Black Urethane Faced foams (BU) provide a colorful, durable, abrasion and puncture resistant product. These urethane films are heat laminated to form a decorative textured surface and can be made impervious to most petroleum products, moisture and dirt. Matte facing can be added to our embossed foam to give a more pronounced decorative rosette pattern. 

Key Benefits:

  • Best acoustic absorption with protected facing
  • Good visual and tactile appearance
  • Potential to combine with Whispermat® barriers, Whisperdamp vibration damping sheet and Pressure sensitive adhesive for ease of application.