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Garlockʼs FLEXSEAL® Spiral Wound Metallic Gaskets

Garlockʼs FLEXSEAL® spiral wound gaskets with Controlled Density™ technology provide consistent compressibility. This process of precise winding density control provides a gasket designed to meet your specified seating stress and assures consistent sealing of your most critical fluids. Garlock FLEXSEAL® Spiral Wound Gaskets are durable and easily installed and removed.  

FLEXSEAL® seals pressures to flange ratings, in accordance with ASME B16.5. Designed solutions accommodate a variety of conditions by combining various metals and filler materials. Garlock FLEXSEAL® Spiral Wound Gaskets are ideal for hydrocarbon processing and refining, petrochemical processing, chemical processing, power generation, pulp & paper and oil and gas industries.

Garlock Spiral Wound Gasket Product Styles

Product Style

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No Radial Buckling. Tightest seal. Multiple applications.

FLEXSEAL®Heat Shield

No Radial Buckling. Fire safe and rated to 1250°F


For Boiler Handhole and Tubecap Assemblies


For Male-Female and Tongue and Groove Flanges
• LMF – windings only fit for large male-female flanges
• LTG – windings only fit for large tongue and groove flanges
• STG – windings only fit for small tongue and groove flanges


Garlock Lo-Load spiral wound gaskets provide the superior sealing capabilities of a standard spiral wound gasket for flange connections with a low available bolt load.


MC Gasket (manhole cover), MCR (manhole cover with centering ring)


General purpose gasket suitable for raised face flanges up to Class 2500.


General purpose gasket suitable with inner ring for raised face flanges up to Class 2500.


Suitable for tongue and groove, male-female, or groove-to-flat face flanges.


Spiral windings with inner ring.

FLEXSEAL®Tandem Seal

Chemical-resistant and fire-safe metal seal with inner and outer rings.