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Teadit Non-Asbestos Gaskets

The wide line of products developed by Teadit has been a fundamental element for the zero leakage target of many industries that produce hydrocarbons, chemical, pharmaceutical and other fluids. Teadit is relentless in the pursuit of advanced and excellent sealing solutions.

Teadit Non-Asbestos Chemical Compatibility Chart

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Teadit Style Number

Fiber Type




Nitrile (NBR)

Very good general service gasket material that has numerous applications in the process industries and in the water and wastewater industry. It is also commonly used in equipment such as valves and pumps.


Styrene-Butadiene (SBR)

Very good general service gasket with a SBR binder base, that has numerous applications in the process industries. Handles media like: mild acids and alkalis, water, brine, saturated steam, air, industrial gases, general chemicals, and neutral solutions.


Neoprene (CR)

Good all purpose sheet that is specifically formulated to handle a broad range of refrigerants. In addition, Style 1076 is suitable for services handling water, saturated steam, oils, fuels, mild acids and alkalis.


Styrene-Butadiene (SBR)

This product is no longer available from the manufacturer. It has been replaced with the NA1035 product.



Nitrile (NBR)

Suitable for numerous applications in the process industries handling media like: mild acids and alkalis, water, hydrocarbons, oils, gasoline, steam, air, industrial gases, general chemicals, neutral solutions.


Allows compliance for drinking water system components, from source to tap, with NSF-61 Certification. NFS-61 Certification provides the highest level of assurance that this material is safe for use in drinking water service. Also tested and in conformance with US FDA 21 CFR 177.2600. NA1082SAN has a strong dielectric rating, making it ideal for isolation kit applications where compressed fiber sheet gaskets can be utilized.


Hypalon® Rubber (CSM)

A severe service non-asbestos sheet that is specifically formulated to provide an effective seal against most acids in the process industries. Suitable for server in the following areas: water, oxygenated solvents, brine, neutral solutions, saturated steam, refrigerants, air, general chemicals, industrial gases, diluted alkalis.


A controlled swell sheet gasket material with a proprietary binder and reinforced with a synthetic inorganic fiber blend. It is designed for demanding applications requiring excellent sealing ability, torque retention, recovery, and conformability to uneven flange surfaces.


Nitrile (NBR)

A premium grade, multi-service gasket sheet, designed to handle the extremes of pressure and temperature, and it cuts very easily and cleanly. The versatility of this sheet enables a plant to standardize on one sheet for a multitude of applications and avoid the confusion of having to choose from several different sheets.


Nitrile (NBR)

Developed to have superior thermal stability in order to replace compressed asbestos gasket sheets in thermal cycling applications. It is specifically recommended for saturated and superheated steam applications. It is also suitable for sealing petroleum derivates, ethanol, chemical products and general services.