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Thermal Gap Fillers

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What are thermal gap fillers?

A thermal gap filler is a piece of material that gets into tiny pockets of air between components and casings. They fill the space to allow for optimal heat resistance in a heat-generating component. This enables enhanced performance and in some cases efficiency in the component or the device. 

Gap fillers can be used to fill air gaps between components of PC boards and heat sinks, metal enclosures, and chasses as well as other items. They are ideal for applications where gap tolerances are present due to stepped or rough surfaces. Thermal gap filler materials allow designers and engineers to be less concerned with components’ proximity to heat sinks or heat spreaders.

What We Use

We offer a wide variety of thermal materials, in particular ThermaCool®.

The ThermaCool line up is a family of high performance thermally conductive gap fillers that provide solutions to difficult thermal management problems. These products can be used to fill gaps and enhance thermal performance of the electrical system. ThermaCool gap fillers can accommodate materials of different coefficients of thermal expansion with the compliant interface. The ThermaCool gap filler family includes products in a variety of thicknesses and a range of hardness values to effectively close gaps while providing the thermal transfer needed in demanding electronic applications.

How do I order Thermal Gap Fillers?

We urge you  contact us at Seal & Design for more information regarding different materials for your project(s), or you can learn more about our offerings on our Thermal Materials page. Let us help you choose the right product for your next project.