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Cold Supply Chain Materials

For Pharmaceutical Distribution And Transport

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High-performing, diverse material solutions for various elements of the cold supply chain.

Seal & Design currently offers a broad range of Rogers materials that preserve and protect sensitive products at a multitude of temperature levels throughout the cold storage supply chain.

The materials perform exceptionally well at standard equipment temperatures, from refrigerated (2°C/35.6°F to 8°C/ 46.4°F), to freezer (-10°C/14°F to -25°C/-13°F), to ultra-low freezer (-70°C/-94°F to -90°C/-130°F), to liquid- or vapor-phase nitrogen (-135°C/-211°F to -196°C/-320.8°F) with no compromise of mechanical properties.

A typical silicone elastomer material reaches low temperature embrittlement around -55°C/-67°F. Several ARLON silicone materials, however, function at temperatures well below this. An ARLON GP grade solid silicone material, for example, can reach temperatures as low as -62°C/-79.6°F. An ARLON HS/LT grade solid silicone offers even lower temperature usage, reaching a low temperature of embrittlement around -90°C/-130°F.

The BISCO® silicone foam and PORON® polyurethane materials are available in a wide range of firmness and thickness options and display superior compression set (C-set) retention, ensuring a robust and consistent enclosure.

For applications requiring high-performance films and/or pressure-sensitive tapes, DeWAL® products provide reliable and thermally stable solutions.

In addition, DeWAL PTFE (Polytetrafluoroethylene) is an ideal material for critical medical, biological and pharmaceutical applications, as it has a natural resistance to most chemistries, is biologically inert and offers an excellent range of operational temperatures, from -200°C/-328°F to 260°C/500°F.

Rogers Preferred Converter

Seal & Design is a Rogers Preferred Converter.

Rogers Elastomeric Material Solutions sells PORON and BISCO materials through an exclusive network of Preferred Converters, a select group of partners who deliver an exceptional level of service and support for Rogers products. Preferred Converters maintain high standards of quality, technical capability, and customer service ensuring the best possible experience for our shared end users.

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